About Us

HC PPE manufactures high quality PPE for industrial applications worldwide. Our commitment to providing protective products that meet the most rigorous standards is unmatched anywhere.

PPE face mask manufacture

We constantly strive to utilize the highest quality fabrics and material so that our customers know they will never have to worry if the company’s most valuable assets, its employees, have the highest level of protection available.

HC PPE also takes great pride in our service. We understand the importance of an efficient supply chain and have logistical resources and experts in place to ensure you have the protection you need when you need it. We also have the manufacturing capacity to fulfill most orders.

In the coming years, the demand for protection in the processing and fabrication sectors will undoubtedly increase dramatically. You can rest easy knowing that HC PPE will always be at the forefront of technology, quality, and service at an affordable cost.

What's clients say about us

People love our products and 70% our customers are returned customers. We believe that only way to make a long-term business is helping people.

PPE is something our business never needed to consider. Now that we've reopened, Personal Protective Equipment was hard to get, and expensive. We are thrilled to have a steady, affordable supply of quality product.
/ Michigan
We didn't know who we could trust. We've heard horror stories. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to simple place an order with HC PPE, get good customer service, and get the PPE that our team needs.
/ Arizona
Our facility had masks but we needed booties, full body suits, and the hoodie style face masks. This total body protection is harder to find, and we've very happy with the product we've gotten from HC PPE!
/ Atlanta

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